Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm a BIG fan of Bones, so I have decided to do a cross stitch.

 I'm working on 25ct Magic Guide Even-weave fabric, 1 over 1, this is the progress so far  after 3 days
 Ive got to say it look's so much better in a photo then it doe's looking at it next to me.

Here's a photo of my BIG project that i am doing for my mum for my dad as a 30th wedding anniversary present, its on 18ct Aida.  I'm just praying to all that is holy that i get it done in time there's only 5 days left and i still have 3/4 left to do I'm just glad its 1 color (gold)
 it's a picture of my Dad's Army Back Badge The Royal Glosters  Reg 28th/61st.

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